Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

Win a fabulous romantic getaway, compliments of The Jane Austen Experiment!

The downside of dating during the middle years of life is that a potentially fun activity like dating becomes more like ongoing mutual job interviews, a two-sided dance of scoping each other out as a) prospective life/financial/spiritual/house/intellectual partners, b) potential stepparent material, c) potential bed (sex--let's face it, that's what it really is)mates, and d) potential ex-spouses. That last one is only when I'm feeling cynical.

This has got to change. I've just got to have more FUN with this dating thing.

Therefore, I am sooooo thrilled to announce a new Jane Austen blogger contest, with fabulous prizes (thanks to wonderful sponsors).

It's called the Who-Can-Set-Wendy-Up-On-The-Most-Fun-Date Contest, and here's how it works:

I will go on 15 dates arranged by YOU.

I will blog about each and every one of these dates. After the 15th one, YOU, my wonderful blog readers, will vote on the top 5 most fun dates, as portrayed in my blog posts.

From the top 5, I will select a third, second, and first place winner who will win 3) a $25 Bath & BodyWorks gift card, 2) a $50 Lowe's gift card, and 1) a two-night stay at Somewhere Inn Time Bed & Breakfast + a $50 gift certificate to La Jolla Groves restaurant. How fun is that???

Just to be clear, the winner is the person who arranged the date, NOT the guy who went on the date. He already gets the prize of a date with me :).

Set me up with someone you think will be FUN. The dates will be judged purely by how fun they are. Don't knock yourself out trying to find someone compatible. This is not about finding my soulmate; this is about having a great time.

The fine print:
  • Each person may only arrange up to 3 dates.
  • Preference will be given to people who are directly known to me in real life (i.e., I trust your arranged date more if you are my long-term friend/acquaintance/relative.
  • All prospective dates must be male, heterosexual, between the ages of 18-65, legally single (all divorces final and deceased spouses 100% completely deceased), and free from any criminal record.
  • I reserve the right to decide which dates are accepted and refrain from posting about a specific date for any reason.
  • Each date must sign a consent form allowing me to post pictures on my blog and acknowledging that the date experience will be written, posted publicly, and judged online.
  • Each date may designate a pseudonym in order to maintain privacy, if desired.
  • These are traditional gender role dates. He plans & pays for the date. I show up, be pretty, and have fun. As a side note, some of the very most fun dates I've ever been on have been extremely low budget. Creativity and a sense of humor are worth far more than an upscale restaurant.
  • I reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal value in the unlikely event that something unforeseen occurs.
  • Dates will be arranged as convenient within my schedule and that of each prospective date, with no guarantee of the 15 designated dates happening within a certain time period. They will also be arranged in any order I choose.
To enter, get the guy on board FIRST, then email janeaustenblog@gmail.com with details on the prospective date and YOUR contact information. I"ll be in touch.