Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Steps...

I'm inching closer to reaching my New Year's resolution of having at least one great makeout session in 2010.

This morning the orthodontist removed the most sharp & obnoxious, pokey & painful brackets from my teeth. Even better, he put new wires on my braces and told me they were probably my LAST SET OF WIRES!!! Ever!!!

This is very good because, unlike most of my teenage peers, I never had the slightest desire to find out what it was like to kiss someone with braces, and I definitely don't want to find out what it's like to kiss someone with my own mouth full of braces, wires, and rubber bands. Most of the time I don't like having my own tongue in this metal torture chamber--why would I subject someone else's to it?

Yes, I realize this could be a moot point, as I'm not into the NCMO (non-committal makeout) thing, and most of the time I seem to be lightyears away from a committed, invested relationship. But still.

Baby steps...