Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spreading the Love Around

The JA infestation is spreading....

My 12-year old sister Emma polished off Persuasion a couple of weeks ago, and Emma shortly before. I lent Lady Susan to her this past weekend and she devoured that on the drive home. The official verdict via text:

"relly good! I wz just prty disgusted wit susan & hr "dear friend" mrs. johnson."

You and me both. I suggested Pride & Prejudice next, but I think she's got the same masochistic gene that I do, and is going to do Sense & Sensibility just because I told her how awful it was.

I haven't been reading much JA lately--really, much of anything lately (although I have found time to finally fall in love with the Fablehaven books, and I know I'm waaaaay behind the rest of the world, but better late than never and at least I'm enjoying them now) because I am Very, Very Busy doing Very, Very Important Things.

One of those important things is studying for the GRE again because I have this insane idea in my head that going back to school would be a good idea. Because apparently working fulltime, teaching parttime, mothering four nuclear-energy level children, and blogging about Jane Austen is not enough to occupy my time and I have an unhealthy obsession with constant stress. Before I even get to the school part I've got to do the GRE part, and unlike the last time I took it, my math scores actually count this time. That's bad.

I would be freaking out, but I've got a secret weapon named Lucas and we are studying together for the GRE, and if anyone can help me bump up that icky math score, he can. In fact, just last night I quickly, easily worked through a couple of problems that he'd given me, that I actually understood, and I was so excited that I wrote a little song on my scratch paper that went something like this:

Oh yeah, oh yeah, who's the queen of the math house?
Who rocks the math world?
Oh yeah, oh yeah, that would be me, me, ME.
I rule the math scene. Oh yeah!

Trust me, it's better with the booty shaking. Use your imagination.

Anyhoo, (I know, I know--you're wondering what on earth my point is and when I'm going to make it) study sessions with Luc often deteriorate into rambling and never-ending debates over the relative merit of humanities vs. science. That's because the verbal and essay portions of GRE prep are my domain and Luc feels about them the way I feel about math, which makes for a great study partnership, aside from the endless tangential debates.

Lucas has a delusional belief that converting me to the math/science spectrum is a possibility. A week or so ago he said he had a book for me to read. A physics book. As in, actual science stuff. Written by an actual scientist. The kind you look at in the bookstore and wonder what kind of geek actually pays money to read this stuff. Okay, I'm making it sound really bad when the truth is that I wanted to read it anyway, and probably would have been the geek picking it up in the bookstore but maybe not actually spending money on it, but I never would have admitted that. Ever. So because I am eee-vill, like the de-vill, I told Luc that I'd read his physics book if he read Jane Austen. I even generously offered to make it Pride & Prejudice, because that's the most tolerable one I've done.

He's on chapter seven and the verdict thus far:

"This book is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! Auuuuuugggggghhhhh!"

Heehee. My name is Wendy and I have a special purpose (bonus points if you can name that movie!). Sharing the JA pain, one reluctant reader at a time.